New construction can be your budget’s best friend, especially at Arbor Mews. The special financing we have available to qualifying first-time homebuyers may let you buy a brand new home at a total monthly cost lower than a used home.

Have you ever bought a used car?   Most of us would love to enjoy that new car smell and the latest features. Sometimes we have to compromise and buy used – we trade affordability for a vehicle with some mileage – and perhaps some body scratches and stains on the floor mats. We hope it was well maintained by its previous owner, but, short of what our mechanic can tell by going over it, we take our chances.

Buying a used home is not all that much different than buying a used car. Normally a newly constructed home is more expensive because you are getting the latest features and floor plans. But a new home can actually be a bargain in the long run. High-efficiency heat pumps and water heaters, energy star appliances, extensive insulation, and dual-paned, low-E glass windows mean lower utility bills than a used home.

Unlike a used home where you may face unexpected repair bills, everything in a new home is brand new with warranties from the manufacturer and the builder.

Stop by and take a “test drive” through one of 4 available floor plans and see how affordable a new home can be.